Effective Survey Writing Tips

Effective Survey Writing Tips


Surveys are an extremely important platforms that help companies & forums to draw the honest opinion from it’s users. In surveys, a list of different questions is asked to the general users to get their feedback. But why should a company invest so much of its time and resource to conduct a survey? Well, the answer is customer satisfaction.

The sole reason for the existence of a business, web forum or website is to provide good service to its customers and earn a decent profit in the due course. But even after their best endeavours, if the company is unable to meet their estimated target, it’s a clear indication that they are either doing something wrong or not able to meet their audiences’ demands & expectation. By conducting a basic survey, they can pin-point the reason and find out the weakest link in their service and strive to mend it.

But designing a survey is not a child’s play as the survey questions should be precise and concise at the same time. Also, the survey design should be such that it is directed to the right niche. In this article, we would discuss, how to do effective survey writing and how to make a survey resourceful.

  1. What are the customers’ demands – As stated earlier, the needs and requirements of your customers are of utmost importance, So while designing surveys, you should define your objectives clearly and find out what your customers want. To do so, you should ask general questions to your audience that relate to the core objective of your business. You should keep the questions simple and concise in a manner that they can provide effective and honest feedbacks to all these questions.
    You should ask them what they are looking for and whether or not your business can satisfy it. In this way, you can figure out the shortcomings in your service and take stringent steps to mend them.
  2. Select the target audience – Target audience is the group of people to whom the service is usually meant for. This is the target group that constitutes the majority of the consumers, so they should be dealt with care. For example, for a mobile app company, the target users would be Smartphone users and asking desktop users to take a survey of a mobile app is both misleading and unnecessary.
    So, you should find out the target audience towards whom your services are targeted and fabricate the survey questions accordingly. You should also make sure that you don’t steer away from the topic and stick to the interests of your target users.
  3. Prioritize and find related questions – Finding the right set of questions is extremely important while designing surveys and can single-handedly decide how effective your survey is going to be. If you steer away from your objective and ask questions that aren’t relevant enough, then your audience taking survey would be more likely to answer your questions in a random fashion than logically answering it.
    One of the best ways to find appropriate and related questions for your survey is to look out for the queries made to the search engines. By using keyword research tools like KeywordXP, you can find out the queries that are fired towards search engines. As these queries are related to your service, they are quite relevant and would be able to attend to grab the attention of your target audience easily. KeywordXP also provides you a list of such queries/ keywords based on their popularity & usage. You can use these statistics to prioritize and find related questions at one go 

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