Get More Out of Your Blog with Embedded Surveys

By May 29, 2014 No Comments

When you are responsive to the needs of your audience and visitors, you are bound to be popular among them. Surveys are one such useful ways of connecting to the needs of your audience while embedded surveys give them the best of what they yearn for. A blog with an embedded survey makes the conversation between you and your visitor crystal clear. You aptly understand why hasn’t he benefited from your blog, what is it that has kept him from giving a positive feedback, why isn’t he a source of increasing word of mouth, etc. Look at them as your lifesavers, just when you are about to drown.

To benefit through embedded surveys, your audience should first and foremost participate in it. And for your audience to participate, your surveys must be irresistible. Design your survey in a way that the visitors cannot afford to overlook. Make your questions as fun and to the point as possible. Running around the bush with irrelevant questions will distract their attention and prove detrimental for your blog. Don’t forget to add a pin of creativity to your surveys because creativity never goes in recession. User experience is what will hold them throughout the surveying process. Since embedded surveys keep your audiences on your blog and do not navigate them to another page, you can use your branding in it and amalgamate with the blog. You can customize your survey to pop on the site, and make your customers feel you are eager to have a feedback from them. Achieve more eyeballs on your blog as you instantaneously discover what your visitors are criticizing and appreciating about. You need to ensure, they have a flawless time answering your questions. This will create a sense of trust and unification between both the parties.

Embedded surveys make it a two-way conversation, consistently building a connection. Unlike other surveys, embedded surveys have ascendancy as they hold your visitor from moving here and there. And once they come in this comfort zone, they may resist from fleeing away. The more feedbacks you receive the more it proves you are doing well with embedding surveys and thus can concentrate on other aspects of improvement. But, if you do not receive a considerable amount of feedbacks, re-strategize your surveys. And make sure, you give your audience reasons to visit again.