How to Figure Out Exactly What Your Customers Want

By October 14, 2014 No Comments

You are trying hard! You want sales! But you have to accept the unexpected results. This is an issue with majority of sites today.

What happens to the visitors? There are many people selling what you sell so users don’t spend time on sites which do not help them reach their expected results.


The principle here is, good sales = understanding the customer’s preference. Imagine if you like Burger and you are offered a Hot Dog, will you buy it? It is but obvious that you will not accept it. The same goes with your customers. When you understand what your users need you can automatically offer the right product to them.


With SurveyFunnel you can create an attention grabbing survey that actually works on the basis of customers preference. Right questions create an exceptional survey.


You can create a flowchart of the survey based on the options selected by users to your questions. Besides this, you can also extract a detailed report in a spreadsheet format of the whole survey conducted. This will not only let you understand the customers’ choice but also you can improve plans accordingly.


Also, you can build your mailing list, which works with leading Email marketing software providers. This can drastically improve your sales as E-mail marketing is one of the best sources of sales.


Ultimately you can zero in and offer what your customers want. Thus you can be assured that you are offering the right thing to the right person.

Check out the video below –

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