Hypothesis Testing for Surveys

Hypothesis Testing for Surveys
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What is hypothesis testing?

Hypothesis testing is a type of statistical testing that usually determines if there is enough evidence in the information gathered. When a hypothesis testing for surveys is conducted a person should be clear of the goals and objectives of the survey which simplifies the process of research and getting an accurate result. Hypothesis testing can be used for both, qualitative as well as quantitative research. It is an important tool in research for the verification of our research purpose.

Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Statistical hypothesis testing is a scientific hypothesis that is determined to be testable through an observational process that can be concluded through random variables. When testing a statistical hypothesis a test is conducted based on trying to find if a claim is true about the population. A sample is then taken and data is collected. A statistics is formed and interpreted using a standard scale. The final step is to decide if the statistics counters the claim based on the information gathered.

While testing the hypothesis to be true, there are a few steps to be carried out.

The first step is to identify a hypothesis for the survey. Second is to select a criteria to determine if the hypothesis is true. Select a random sample from the population. The final step to determine if the hypothesis is true is by comparing what was observed to what was the expected result.


If a person wanted to know the number of hours a child plays video games in the United States differs from a child who lives in China. Then, one way to determine what the answer would be is to gather a group of children from the United States and then gather a group of children from China to get the results based on a certain criteria. This is when a questionnaire is used to gather the information. Based on the information collected our hypothesis can be checked for its trueness.

This is all about hypothesis testing and how it helps for research. Have we missed out on anything? Let us know if you have any more information.

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