How to make a WordPress based auction website.

How to make a WordPress based auction website.

Online auction website is becoming progressively competitive. Not just they are evolving along with advanced technology but are also providing cultured platforms to those who wish to bid and buy authentic and unique items.

After the humongous success that eBay auction platform gained, the succeeding years saw a considerable diversification in the online auction market. With the introduction of new websites, consumers are getting wider choices and even massive opportunities to buy and sell products online.


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Furthermore, substantial evolution in technologies, this aspect of eCommerce marketplace has risen incredibly. Keeping this in mind, there is an ever-increasing trend of auction websites currently. But are auction websites beneficial? And, how can you create a WordPress based auction website? You’ll get all the answers in this post.


What Is Online Auction?

An online auction is a kind of service that lets participants or users bid or sell products via the internet. These virtual auctions simplify online activities between sellers and buyers in different geographical areas or locations.


How Are Auction Websites Advantageous?

In comparison with the traditional auction process, having an online auction website can fetch you innumerable advantages. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Convenience for You:

One of the primary benefits of having an online auction website is the convenience. While organizing bidding, you don’t have to be present at any location physically. You can sit in your living room and set bidding rates for products very easily.
Having an online auction website doesn’t pose any geographical problems. However, one thing that is recommended is to research properly and profoundly before jumping into creating a new auction website.

  • 24/7 Availability:

Unlike traditional auctioning process, there wouldn’t be any rush or hurry for you to wrap up the bidding. You can offer products and services to your potential consumers every hour of the day and every day of the year.
Although this may seem to be a simple point, however, this advantage can surely take away your fears of missing out on something because of time zone differences. Even if you are targeting consumers at the other end of the globe, you wouldn’t have to worry a bit.

  • Quick Feedback:

If you have lately put up a unique and enchanting product on your website, waiting to hear back from your buyers might be a hectic task. However, it’s not the case anymore with an online auction website.

Since buyers are always online from across the globe, you can get their feedback instantly and understand how they are taking your bids. Even if you increase the price, the response from customers will help you understand how to adjust the rate according to their preference.

  • Saving Time & Money:

Those who are constantly associated with WordPress must know that this platform has an abundance of plugins to offer. There wouldn’t be any possible task for which WordPress doesn’t have a tool to offer.

Same can be applied for your auction website. If you wish to create a website that lets you sell easily online, you can simply use an auction plugin and get started with a marvellous platform, not just for yourself but your consumers as well.

  • Easy Comparison:

When you create an online auction website, you get the liberty to handle and regulate it in whichever way you’d like to. Similarly, when you allow bidders to put forth their options of prices, you get a chance to compare options and choose the highest bid.
In this way, not just you can sell something without any extra efforts but can even be sure of higher returns without spending a lot from your pocket.


How to Choose a WordPress Auction Plugin?

While choosing a plugin, there are certain precautions that you must check, like looking attentively into features and other options. So, here are some factors that must be present in your WordPress auction plugin-

  • Responsiveness:

This is one of the most considerable factors. There are chances of your targeted customers using mobile devices more than desktops. Whether they are bidders or sellers, if they can access your website from their smartphones, things will be easier for them. Thus, you must make sure that the plugin you select seamlessly works on small screens to provide easy and unhindered operations.

  • Schedule:

Obviously, you cannot sit in front of your system 24/7 to create bidding options and to post new products on the site, right? In such a scenario, things will become extremely easier if you can automate the start and end timing, isn’t it?
Therefore, the plugin that you are going to select must provide you with the option to schedule automatic start and end of bidding, without the need of you interfering manually.

  • Security:

Having an online auction website makes it important to take extra security measures. Since anonymous bidding can lead to more frauds and bluffs, you would always have to be attentive while selling an item to a specific person.
Hence, your plugin should take that extra step for you and should only allow registered users to bid for transparency and credibility.

  • Third-Party Integration:

The primary reason for you creating such kind of a website would be to earn. So, if integrating transactional parties directly to WordPress seems to difficult, you must rely upon your plugin to do so.

A plugin called WPAuctionSoftware offers you PayPal and integration options, along with several other features, for easy and hassle-free transactions. In this way, you can even earn without many efforts.


How to Create a WordPress Based Auction Website?

As mentioned above, creating a WordPress based auction website is quite an easy process with an adequate plugin. Follow these below-mentioned steps and start with the development:

  • Install a WordPress auction plugin on your website
  • Activate the plugin
  • Visit Plugin Settings available on the left side of your WordPress dashboard
  • There, you can edit and customize your products along with their bids

Experiment with the options and features of the plugin to create an amazing platform for bidders and sellers out there.



When you think of an online auction website as a business, there are several possibilities and opportunities that may knock on your door. All you’d need is a proper plugin and some additional time to set up your WordPress platform. Once done, you can start allowing sellers and bidders to purchase and sell whatever they would like.

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